8 Weeks To WOW! the book. Order your copy NOW!

It’s more than likely that you have landed here because you have seen the incredible results our Celebrity Transformation Coaches have achieved for such high profile Aussies as Multi-platinum Singer/ Songwriter Guy Sebastian & his TV Presenter/ Wellness Ambassador wife Jules, Home & Away hunk James Stewart, much loved TV Presenter Larry Emdur, and most recently Host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette & Bachelor in Paradise Osher Gunsberg, all who have been featured on the cover of Australia’s leading men’s magazine Men’s Health.

The media, both here in Australia, and overseas, can’t stop raving about these jaw dropping transformations.

Well now there are even more ways that you too can achieve your own jaw dropping transformation, including Chief & Em’s book, available NOW!

Order your copy before the 3rd Sept, and go into the draw to win your own Platinum 8 Week Transformation Package including:

  • A 2-hr face-to-face assessment, goal planning and training session with Chief & Em.*
  • A custom remote training program designed specifically for you by Chief.
  • A custom nutrition program designed specifically for you by Emilie.
  • Weekly Skype calls with both Chief & Em.
  • 8 Weeks of pre-prepared, home delivered meals (Lunch & Dinner x 5 Days a week) endorsed by Emilie thanks to our friends at THR1VE. (Valued at over $1,000)
  • An 8 week supply of goal specific supplements from the amazing team at BodyScience (Valued at almost $400).
  • An 8 week nutrition pack from The Protein Bread Company including Pizza, Muffin, Pancake & Bread mixes, all personally endorsed by Emilie (Valued at over $185).
  • TOTAL VALUE: OVER $3,000

BUT WAIT – If you also sign up for our 8 Week Challenge below, you will not only enter the draw for a second Platinum Transformation Package, but we will give you a bonus entry in each draw. That’s 4 chances to win.

To order your copy of 8 Weeks To WOW! online simply click on the relevant link below.

NOTE: Be sure to screen-cap a copy of your receipt to enter the draw.

8 WEEKS TO WOW TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE: Starting 4th February 2019: $169.99 (Under $15 per week). 

You would undoubtedly have seen Chief & Em’s celebrity transformations listed above, but what you might not know is that the team behind the cutting edge 8 Weeks To WOW™ transformation program that achieved these incredible results has helped literally tens of thousands of everyday individuals just like you achieve just as dramatic transformations

Our transformations have been featured on the covers of dozens of major international publications and in literally scores of articles.

All of these credible results were achieved by combining our 8 Weeks To WOW! online transformation program with ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

Our next intake is JANUARY 2019, and includes:

Transformation Coach App

  • 12 week online membership to TransformationCoach.com (8 weeks of Transformation + 4 weeks of Consolidation, to ensure you achieve long lasting results).
  • Access to the Transformation Coach app where you can find goal specific home or gym-based workouts, suited to all fitness levels, personally designed by Chief to achieve maximum results. Each workout includes instructional videos and built in timing.
  • You also receive access to thousands of Em’s recipes, and of course the Carb Conscious Living guidelines that will turn your body into a fat burning furnace.
  • Em will also provide you with suggested weekly meal plans to help get you started.
  • You will also have online support from Em, Chief, and their team of Senior Transformation Coaches.
  • In addition, you will also receive access to our private facebook group where you can share your experience with hundreds of others, trade recipes, organise meet-ups, and motivate each-other.

NOTE: All current ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Recruits can access the online program for just $69.99 (Less than $6/wk). Contact your local OBC Provider for your discount code before registering for the online program.

BUT WAIT – If you also purchase a copy of the 8 Weeks To WOW! book, you will not only enter the draw for a second Platinum Transformation Package, but we will give you a bonus entry in each draw. That’s 4 chances to win.



Multi-platinum Singer/ Songwriter Guy Sebastian training with Head Coach Chief Brabon in Maroubra Junction.

The choice of high profile singers, entertainers, TV presenters, actors and professional athletes, our Face to Face Coaching option provides the best of everything.

Not only will you receive a customised nutrition program designed by Emilie to achieve your personal  goals, while taking into account your likes, dislikes, allergies and medical requirements, but we will also have Chief engineer a training regime that will take you to the next level.

If you are based in the Sydney you may have the option of being personally coached by either Chief or Emilie at one of two facilities (Adjacent to Hyde Park or Maroubra Junction). Alternately you can train with one of the pairs elite proteges based in Sydney, Melbourne, Bendigo or Adelaide.

For details regarding Face-to-Face Coaching contact Chief directly at: Chief@TransformationCoach.com


James Stewart training at ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP - Coogee Beach

Home & Away Actor James Stewart training with the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP – Coogee Beach Platoon.

Our most cost effective face-to-face training option, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP “Recruits” have achieved such jaw dropping results that they have been featured on the cover of Men’s Fitness more than half a dozen times.

Founded by Chief in the early 1990’s, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (OBC) has grown to become the world’s longest running and most respected bootcamp fitness program. It was the first Australian based fitness program to be featured in the New York Times, and the first fitness program of any kind to be featured in Rolling stone Magazine’s annual Hot issue.

For a mere fraction of the cost of Personal Coaching (less than $20 a session), you can still train under the direct guidance of Chief and Emilie themselves at either their Sydney CBD location (Cook + Phillip Park) or on beautiful Coogee Beach.

If neither of those locations suit, OBC has close to 50 locations right across Australia and Malaysia, all providing cutting edge training designed personally by Chief.

NOTE: All registered OBC Recruits receive access to the 8WtW Transformation Challenge for less than $6 a week.

To find your closest licensed ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Provider go to: www.bootcamp.com.au . If you specifically wish to train with Emilie, Chief and there team at their Sydney CBD or Coogee Beach location, email Emilie directly at Em@Bootcamp.com.au .


If you have specific questions regarding Face-to-Face Individual Coaching, Individual Remote Coaching, or details on becoming a Certified Rapid Transformation Coach click HERE.