Ordinary People Achieving Extraordinary Results™ – In Just 8 Weeks!


For the 5th year running Australia’s most talked about transformation program 8 Weeks to WOW has teamed up with the world’s longest running and most respected bootcamp program ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ for their biannual 8 Week Challenge, to provide you with the best possible results in time for Summer.

By combining 8 Weeks to WOW’s proven “nutritional reboot” eating program and metabolism boosting home workouts with ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP’s industry leading group personal training program you are guaranteed to achieve jaw dropping results.

Is now officially open, but remember spaces are strictly limited so to ensure you don’t miss out register NOW.

Register NowHow did the 8 Weeks to WOW program first come about?

The 8 Weeks To WOW (8WtW) transformation program was initially designed to turn 13 fit, yet undefined individuals into lycra clad, god like Warriors…in only 8 weeks for the latest incarnation of the hit television series GLADIATORS.

The objective was clear; Strip away any excess fat, while increasing the athletes’ strength, speed, endurance, and most importantly (as lycra is a little unforgiving) great muscle tone.

The men were to look powerful, and awe inspiring, while the women were to be that rare balance of femininity and athleticism.

Given limitations (many fitness professions claimed it would be impossible to achieve the desired results in less than 8 weeks) the outcome was nothing less than Amazing.

How has the program changed since then?

For 5 Years now, the 8 Weeks to WOW program has been continually evolving. Every year the eating plan builds a better library of options, recipes and an amazing network of dedicated followers who will help you through your journey from 8 Weeks to WOW!

The eating plan itself has also continued to improve, with greater scientific advancements and continued research and development, the program is producing event greater results than before. A big part of this is the inclusion of more key cooking ingredients from the very first week, a step up on previous incarnations So even if you have participated in previous 8 Week Challenges, you will be blown away with the Summer 2015 edition.

For those guys looking to add some serious muscle, there is also a special Muscle Up™ nutrition stream that will ensure that you build a strong, balanced, athletic physique.

This year you will also have access to videos of all the Metabolic Optimisation™ workouts, and once again there will be Muscle Up workout options for the guys looking to add some quality muscle to their soon to be lean frames.

Why have you teamed up with ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP?

As you probably already know, ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (OBC) has been setting the standard in high intensity, results-based training for over 22yrs, and has established itself as the most revered program of its kind anywhere in the world.

OBC’s unique approach to motivation and discipline will quickly see you become part of a “tribe” who’s collective goal is to see all it’s members achieve their health and fitness goals in a positive and social environment.

Don’t kid yourself though, this ain’t no walk in the park. The OBC program has been scientifically designed to challenge you every single session, no matter what your current fitness level – from soon to be ex-couch potatoes, to elite athletes.

So how does the 8 Week Challenge work?

Between now and February 2nd, you will need to enlist with their local ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP provider for their February and March Courses. NOTE: We suggest you sign up with OBC right now as many of their programs are booked out in advance at this time of year, so if you aren’t quick enough you will be placed on a waiting list.

Just prior to it’s official start date on 2nd of February, all “Challengers” will be asked to set up their personal profiles and to upload their before measurements and images.

From Day 1 of the Challenge you will receive daily updates through email, Facebook and of course the 8 Weeks to WOW website from the program’s creators themselves Emilie Brabon-Hames and Chief Brabon. Unlike many other transformation programs, every aspect of 8 Weeks To WOW has been personally developed by Em & Chief, and they are personally invested in ensuring you achieve your goals.

In eight weeks time you will be require to upload your jaw dropping after shots and measurements to your personal profile, at which point you can choose to go in the running to win over $5,000 in cash and prizes*. That’s right, our Summer Champion will walk away with over $5,000 in cash and prizes thanks to ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and our other sponsors.

We will also be awarding a prize pack valued at over $1,000 to both our the Male & Female Champions.

What if I don’t live near an ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP location?

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to live close to one of OBC’s 40+ locations across Australia & Malaysia (CHIEF’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP) you can still take part in the Challenge and achieve amazing results..

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to Click Here , and register for the February and March programs at your closest ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP location to ensure that you don’t miss out. Be aware – there is no need to pay for bootcamp right now. (You do however need to pay for your 8 Week Challenge registration). Your local OBC provider will be in touch to talk to you about payment options.

The second step is to register for the Challenge itself by clicking on the button below so that you will  finally be on the path to achieving the shape and fitness you have always wanted.

Register NowIf you have additional question regarding ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP simply drop by their website at www.bootcamp.com.au .