Prep-Week and Week 1: Summer 2018

Suggested and helpful recipes for prep week and week 1

What is Prep week?

Due to popular demand (from over 1/2 the amount of participants already registered and from the last 3 challenges) a basic week of preperation has been requested – when we asked why, which is always important – we received many reasons, as well as statistics based on previous participation and lifestyle.

As always – we are here for you – and love the idea.

In order to help you decide – we have listed the top 3 reasons people have asked for an additional week in the program – or as they called it –  to take a “prep week”

“If I am ever going to fail, It will happen in week 1….I know if I try again in week 2 I will  be behind, so prep week is a great way to EASE into this program, by starting to up my water, stop eating sugar and cut out the alcohol”

“I find a set start date stressful yet absolutely encouraging. I have drawn a line in the sand. But I would love the chance to do week 1 TWICE to ensure that I really understand the changes in my body and mindset”

“I am all ready food-wise – but the last challenge had me a bit nervous that I wasn’t able to train at the intensity required to achieve my goals. After week 1, I found I had a lot of my energy and focus in line and wanted to “re-do” my first week properly (again!)”


Prep-week & Week 1 Recipes

Prep-week & Week 1 Suggested Meal Plan

Prep-week & Week 1: DARC Based Body Weight Workouts

Week 1: DARC Based Dumbbell Workouts

NOTE: We suggest that everyone start with the Body Weight Workouts during the Prep-week. If you have access to dumbbells, and wish to increase the intensity of your workouts you can switch to the Dumbbell program in Week 1.

Those of you that want to get RIGHT IN  – by all means please do so – Week 1 is full of amazing goodies!  There are 60 recipes for you to go through, which is more than enough to last you a few months!

We will be uploading week 2 when we reach week 2.

Consider “PREP WEEK” to be an extra week, a bonus week to achieving your best body yet.

Thank you for your feedback – LET’S DO THIS!

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