The first two weeks


In all honesty it really depends on how good or bad your daily meal plan was before you start. You are only human and you are going to want things that aren’t on this plan! This sorts the boys from the men, and the serious from the yo-yo’ers…… Stick with it – and you will feel amazing once you get the hang of making healthier choices.

Some people may experience some light-headedness, slight headaches or weakness in the initial 2-3 days of this life changing eating plan. 70% of people don’t experience any of those symptoms, and they are people that have a relatively clean way of eating already. Those of you that drink a lot of coffee, eat a lot of processed foods or high sugar foods (this includes dried fruits, sports drinks, fizzy drinks and any sugar in general), well you are going to feel it. BUT don’t give up. Just push through. Have a Berroca and go a little easier in your training, but don’t give up. This side needs to happen in order for you to move through to the next phase and kick-start your body into burning fat. If you can go a week without chocolate, you will change everything!

The first days are when you may find potential side effects of this challenge.
One of the most common reasons for constipation or not feeling 100% is being complacent with your meal preparation. I will be honest with you in every answer I give, but the people that don’t manage to get through the program, are the people that eat the same thing over and over again.

Meat Eaters – You should aim to eat red meat no more than twice a week, seafood 5-7 times a week and White meat 3-5.

Vegans – don’t worry – there are plenty of options for you to get the nutrients you require. And as shown with Osher Gúnsbergs transformation (As well as the amazing David Campbell), As vegans you don’t require Legumes, rice and other items just because you don’t eat animal products. We have you covered for an amazing transformation.

Compulsory Greens are just that – Non-negotiable and compulsory!

You should try not to eat the same meals for dinner and lunch, and completely the same the next day. While there is nothing wrong with it in a dietary sense – it can make life a bit boring, and your body will react better if you feed it what it needs….. There are hundreds of recipes here, and with all the foods on the Allowed list – you can’t really go wrong if you use your imagination.
Another minor side effect of the initial phase is the chance you may experience bad breath. Though may not be the best way to make friends and influence people, it is in fact an indication that your body is reacting the right way to the changes that you are making. Sugar free gum, Parsley and Mint are good ways to alleviate the Halitosis problem.

There aren’t many rules, but the ones that are set out are of up-most importance. Again, think about it as if you are filling a water balloon…each day that you stick to the plan, you are filling it a little higher, but if you break the rules, it is like bursting that water balloon and having to start all over again.
Believe in yourself and you can survive this!