The first two weeks


In all honestly you probably aren’t going to be a pleasant human. You are human and you are going to want things that aren’t on this plan! This sorts the boys from the men, and the serious from the fad dieters…… Stick with it – and you will feel amazing once you get the hang of making healthier choices.

Some people may experience some light-headedness, slight headaches or weakness in the initial 2-3 days of this life changing eating plan. 70% of people don’t experience any of those symptoms, and they are people that have a relatively clean way of eating already. Those of you that drink a lot of coffee, eat a lot of processed foods or high sugar foods (this includes dried fruits, sports drinks, fizzy drinks and any sugar in general), well you are going to feel it. BUT don’t give up. Just push through. Have a Berroca and go a little easier in your training, but don’t give up. This side needs to happen in order for you to move through to the next phase and kick-start your body into burning fat. If you can go a week without chocolate, you will change everything!

The first days are when you may find potential side effects of this challenge. As many of the high protein meals you will be consuming in this phase are low in fiber, there is a chance you may experience some constipation. How ever, this issue can easily be avoided by simply taking a fiber supplement such as Benefibre or Metamucil peach day, right from the beginning. In fact, it is best to start with this a couple of days prior to starting the diet plan, so that your body will continue to function as normally and routinely as usual.
One of the most common reasons for constipation or not feeling 100% is being complacent with your meal preparation. I will be honest with you in every answer I give, but the people that don’t manage to get through the program, are the people that eat the same thing over and over again. You should aim to eat red meat twice a week, seafood 5-7 times a week and White meat 3-5. Compulsory Greens are compulsory!
You should try not to eat the same meals for dinner and lunch, and completely the same the next day. Not only is that boring, but your body just won’t like it. There are hundreds of recipes here, and with all the foods on the Allowed list – you can’t really go wrong if you use your imagination.
Another minor side effect of the Low carb Phase is the chance you may experience bad breath. Though may not be the best way to make friends and influence people, it is in fact an indication that your body is reacting the right way to the changes that you are making. Sugar free Gum, Parsley and Mint is a good way to alleviate the Halitosis problem.

There aren’t many rules, but the ones that are set out are of up-most importance. Again, think about it as if you are filling a water balloon…each day that you stick to the diet, you are filling it a little higher, but if you break the rules, it is like bursting that water balloon and having to start all over again.
Believe in yourself and you can survive this!
So here we go:

Only eat what is listed on the ALLOWED List. But NEVER eat until you are full. Just satisfied.

Ladies….You should never be eating as much as your boyfriend, husband or any men. Women are smaller and don’t need the same amount of food that they put away.

The GENERAL RULE OF THUMB if you feel like pigging out on the list below… don’t want to go over 30g of carb in a single day. This is simply a guideline for the time being, Carbs are not the enemy, they serve many purposes…..but we need to teach your body how to use them again. The right way.

You must only eat the items on the “Allowed” List, unless instructed otherwise.

You must without fail, drink 2 litres of water each day. We have listed this in two different ways. Either have 2 glasses of water with each meal, OR try to have 2-3 litres sipped throughout the day. Try not to go over 4 litres…(Unless you already drink this much)..

You must maintain your fibre supplement intake each day. You need to start this a few days before you change your eating habits.

You must exercise 6 days out of 7. Example Monday through Saturday with exercise, then have Sunday with no exercise, or just a light walk (if you want to train the extra day, by all means go for it). Chief’s INFERNO™ Home workout program will assist you with this.

You MUST have a complete day off exercise once a week. A walk or swim is fine, but try not to wear yourself out. Remember your body only gets stronger when it recovers.

A day of rest is essential for you to get fitter and stronger. Lifting heavy weights everyday is not ideal….your body needs time to recover and repair.


DON’T COUNT CALORIES! EVER! This program has been designed so that you don’t have too. If you are hungry have something off the list. Just don’t start down the road of counting calories. No good will come of it!

No fake lollies, so sugar free sweets, No fizzy drinks, no protein bars, and no alcohol….sorry….

The 100g (Women) and 150g (Men) of Salad roughage per day is compulsory… will love it. The salads you can make for lunch are ridiculously good…you just need to use your imagination. Compulsory means – you need it and have to have it guys and girls. Salads and greens are actually delicious when prepared well and if you eat the right greens, you most likely won’t even need your fibre supplement.

Remember….carbs are not the enemy! In fact – most things are not the enemy. But in order to get your body to use them the right way, we have to re-teach it. So by greatly reducing them (but not eliminating them entirely) in the first week and a bit, your body is going to learn how best to fuel itself in a much more efficient manner. Bear with us on this one. You can do it!

When we talk about “Allowed Vegetables” – This means 150g of the listed vegetables per day.

Men – you can have 150-200g – but ladies 150g a day is all you need….for now.