The Protein Bread Co.

Nutritionally superior versions of all your favourite foods. 

We are very proud to be partnered with The Protein Bread Co.

We all love bread. We‘ve been eating it for 30,000 years. But up until now, trying to fit bread into your low-carb, high-protein diet has been impossible. Thanks to The Protein Bread Co, you can now eat to feel great again.

Superior Nutrition meets Quality, Natural Australian Ingredients

The Protein Bread Co. was founded in 2010 by siblings Anna and Luke Hopkins who grew up in the farming community of Bega (yep, the same place Bega cheese comes from) on the south coast of NSW.

“With a passion for cooking – but also for health and fitness – we set out to create better versions of all our favourite foods by utilising locally sourced, high protein and low carb meals, seeds and flours. Today, healthy Aussies and Kiwis enjoy our large range of delicious, nutritionally-superior baking mixes every day.

We believe everyone deserves to feel their best, and we aim to help you achieve this.” Anna & Luke

The Protein Bread Co. & Transformation Coach

We are SO excited to be able to add The Protein Bread Co products to our list of allowed foods in the Transformation Coach program. Making that step to healthy eating so much easier with a little crunch in our meals.

All TC participants are invited to purchase online through our Affiliates link below, and receive in return a discount of 10% on your purchase at checkout using the code OBC2019

A Range of Nutritionally Superior Foods

The Protein Bread Co’s range of products are all high protein, low carb and gluten free. They’re designed to be super simple to make (even Chief whips up their muffins regularly). You don’t need any fancy equipment and all can be prepped in under 5 minutes.

Easy Bake at Home Mixes

Available Australia-Wide with Free Shipping! Just head to to get started.