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On the 4th of June …We start together for the 4 Week Body Blast  – A great way to stay motivated during winter!

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ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP recruits! Your instructors are always given codes for you so make sure you speak to your Admin or Platoon leader for your discount code before continuing past this point.

If you pay before getting this code, you will NOT be issued a partial refund. 

Please note that there are absolutely no refunds, no partial refunds, rain checks or further discounts once you proceed past this point.

This eating plan is NOT suitable for full Vegans and there are no alternatives that we can provide you with should you choose to continue.

Before you go any further, we ask that you read through a couple of quick pages so that you know what you are getting into. This plan isn’t for everybody, and you need to want to make a change to your overall diet, your health and your fitness. We are here to guide and help you as much as possible.

The first two weeks

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Please be sure that you are ready to pay when you click the above button. If you are not ready to pay just yet, please do not click the button to register until you are.

ALL PREVIOUS participants are starting from scratch – please register a new user name and password.

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You only get the one chance to go through the registration process without IT help which can take up to 24 hours to fix any mistakes that you make.

Please check your emails once you have registered for further information.

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  2018 4 Week Winter Transformation Program - $99.99

Compete in the 2018 Winter transformation program and get 6 Weeks access to our App workouts, and eating plan for 1 non-recurring payment of $99.99. (Don't forget to use the discount code if you are a Bootcamp recruit at one of our many locations around Australia and Malaysia so that you get the tribe discount!) Please remember that after this point, there are no refunds for changing your mind. Please make sure you have your discount code if you are an OBC recruit as there are no partial refunds.